Higher Manor Bungalow, Ringmore

Higher Manor Bungalow, Ringmore

Householder application for changes to dwelling (part retrospective) (resubmission of 0633/23/HHO)
With its red roof and at its current height the garage is far from inconspicuous

In objecting to the original retrospective application(0633/23/HHO) 'for minor amendments to design, layout, materials & the introduction of ancillary accommodation in detached garage building approved under planning consent 1412/19/HHO’ The Society made the point the proposed amendments were anything but minor. You can read our objection to that application here.

Yet now the applicant has returned, attempting to both justify and retain many of the features that caused that application to be refused.

Consequently were this application to be approved despite the applicants and/or their agent having previously chosen to ignore conditions imposed by the LPA – even though they were almost certainly fully aware of those conditions, and were they now to be allowed to profit from those breaches, the LPA would be sending out the message that planning conditions can effectively be ignored with impunity.

This latest application has now also been withdrawn. No doubt a third application will eventually be forthcoming.