The Cove Guest House, Torcross

The Cove Guest House, Torcross

Application for variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) of planning consent 53/3160/11/F
The site of the Cove Guest House, below and to the left of the white cottage in the foreground

This is by far from the first development proposal put forward on this site. Eight have previously been submitted by this applicant – some of which have been refused, some withdrawn, some gone to appeal and some even approved. The Society has objected to many.

On this occasion the applicant is attempting to resubmit a proposal previously dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate having made only a single recognisable change, from a flat roof to a sloping but higher ridged roof structure. In our opinion this does nothing to successfully address the Planning Inspector's concerns.

You can read some of our previous letters of representation here and here.

In his report the case officer agreed with us, concluding:

The proposed dwelling, by reason of its large perceived mass, bulk, fussy design, glazing, and materials, would fail to respond positively to the local character and distinctiveness of this part of the Undeveloped Coast and National Landscape, and would constitute a poor quality form of development, which would fail to respect the landscape character of the area or the character of the existing development nor take the opportunity for improving the character and quality of the surrounding area or enhancing the AONB.

The application was refused, but another appeal or a further application may yet follow.