In this issue: we argued that a developer being able to pay the salary of a planning officer who would work solely on that developer’s applications failed ‘the smell test’ and ran contrary to the Nolan Principles; we explained how government tree targets could be met without any additional planting; we were hopeful the Collaton Park application could yet fail; we looked at the mess some Local Plan policies had made; we reported on how the Society had successfully objected to an application to remove 14 Sycamore trees and one Ash from a site in Salcombe; and we noted the work of our Planning Team on various applications, including those at Torcross, in Salcombe and in Kingsbridge.

In this issue: we discuss how, since our inception, the Society has been battling to save Salcombe’s trees, but sadly vigilance is still required; we recall that back in the 1960s there were plans for a new regional airport in the South Hams at California Cross; the daughter of the Society’s founder is interviewed along with one of our founding members; we describe a catalogue of errors, omissions and missed opportunities at Appleford; and the work of our Planning Team includes proposed developments in Ringmore, Malborough, Torcross, Salcombe and Kingsbridge.

In this issue: with 2021 marking the 60th anniversary of the Society’s founding, we take a look back at those early years and how and why it all began; we report how trees planted in those days as part of the Society’s Tree Scheme are still standing and thriving; we express our frustration at Covid forcing the cancellation of the events we had planned; we explore the limitations of the government’s 'The England Trees Action Plan 2021-2024’; we recall how in 2013 the Society presented Natural England with an exhaustive and carefully researched case for the South Devon AONB to be reclassified as a National Park, and for its boundaries to be extended up the Avon Valley, but that it was not until the month before this Newsletter went to press that a response was finally received; and our Planning Team again offer some updates on a number of applications.