The Stables, Ledstone

The Stables, Ledstone

Change of use from the existing stable building (agriculture) to commercial
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The problem with this application, the Society explained, is that the application title for the proposal was incorrect. Having reviewed the site planning history, there was no evidence to confirm the claim that the stables were built to support an agricultural need.

In addition condition 6 of planning application 08/1071/00/F made it clear 'the proposed stable blocks shall not be used on a commercial basis’. And the original application was made for stables to be used on a purely private basis with no link to agriculture. The keeping as opposed to the grazing of horses is not classed as agriculture.

As a consequence some of the statements made by the applicant's agent in support of the proposal were immaterial, while the location itself was wholly inappropriate for commercial activity, given the proximity of more suitable locations nearby.

Both the Parish Council and Devon County Council Highways also submitted objections.

As the Decision Notice made clear: 'the proposal fails to demonstrate an occupational need for a countryside location, and is considered to result in unsustainable development in the countryside', while 'the proposed change of use is considered to be incompatible with the rural road network accessing the site, which is unsuitable to accommodate the potential increase in vehicle journeys to and from the site resulting from the development.'

The application was refused.