‘Wait A Minute’ – South Devon AONB Partnership Committee


Because of the importance of the Glover Review, we make no apology for posting an extract from the June AONB Partnership Meeting Minutes – published this month.

The AONB Manager briefed Members of the Partnership on the Landscapes Review final report. The meeting Papers contained the full list of the proposals as a matrix that included the AONB Manager’s assessment of whether the proposal:

  • is already being delivered or planned to be delivered
  • could be actioned without significant extra resources
  • significant funding or capacity would be required
  • requires legislation

The AONB Manager has added the current relative priority for South Devon AONB (High/Medium/Low) to the matrix.

Key points:

4a.1 The list of proposals has not been costed however some may be achievable with a Partnership decision for a change of direction. Other proposals will rely on finance and legislative changes.

4a.2 Defra is preparing information in support of the Government response to the Landscapes Review. An announcement is anticipated to be made early 2020.

4a.3 Members are encouraged to consider the South Devon AONB Partnership response. In particular to look at the list of proposals list, identifying those that could be prioritised to be taken forward straight away. The delivery plan for the next financial year is currently being developed and there is some flexibility to incorporate Partnership priorities where additional funding and resource are not required.

ACTION 1 (ALL): The AONB Manager requests that Members send comments on the proposals to him. Feedback will be collated and used to commence preparing a Partnership Committee response.

4a.4 The AONB Manager invited Members to look at the areas of work where action could be taken now.

ACTION 2 (ALL): The AONB Chair invited Members to inform the AONB Manager of any projects that support any of the Glover Review Proposals.

4a.5 The Vice-chair informed Members that Plymouth University provided some evidence to the Glover Review in terms of indicators. They now have some funding to work locally with Natural England and Defra on identifying some of those indicators and their use to measure issues and improvements. Will work with National Parks and AONBs to understand the issues and will be working closely with South Devon AONB unit.

4a.6 The representative for tourism highlighted the key role public transport has in sustainable tourism as well as the importance of having information available to educate visitors and influence behaviour. The Tourism representative also raised the possibility of obtaining contributions from tourism businesses in the South Devon AONB. The key will be to request donations in support of defined projects to conserve and improve the area, rather than contributions to the AONB generally.

It was then:


  1. The AONB Manager invited Members to contact him, or another member of the staff unit, to aid their understanding of the Proposals how these may relate to their own area of interest; as well as to explore opportunities such as those outlined by the Tourism representative.
  1. The AONB Response to the Glover Review Proposals will be on the agenda for the next Partnership Committee meeting to be held on Friday 13 March 2020.





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