This is one occasion when simply sending an e-mail really could make a difference ..

You may have seen the report about this in the Gazette, now posted on this website:

The South Hams Society immediately applied to SHDC for a Tree Protection Order to cover what is left of the trees, under Ref: 1366902 (TPO 1012) and we understand from the Tree Officer that a temporary TPO is now in place.  But that is not enough. If, like us, you oppose the illegal tree fellings and would like the rest of Ilton Copse to be permanently protected by a TPO, please make your views known THIS WEEK to the SHDC Tree Officer by e-mail to:  If you can kindly copy us in ( that will help us to monitor the response.

As well as planting new trees we need to look after those we already have.

Thank you!


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