Moult Hill and Environs , Salcombe.

I am writing on behalf of the South Hams Society ( SHS ) to support the confirmation of this Tree Preservation Order as served .

The existing Order was implemented over sixty years ago , and that passage of time now raises the question as to whether all of the trees are adequately protected.
A new Woodland Order TPO 975 will ensure that all of the trees , regardless of age , will continue to thrive and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the entire woodland.

Implementation of TPO 975 will further guarantee the natural function of a TPO , thus ensuring seed germination and ongoing tree succession.

The Moult Hill Woodland is prominent within it’s setting of the South Devon AONB , Heritage Coast , and proximity to a Designated SSSI .
The interests of the wider community would be best served by the umbrella of protection afforded by TPO 975 in this environmentally sensitive location.

This area of woodland presents multiple public views from within the Parish , and from the harbour and seaward , and the Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan ( now at advanced stage ) implicitly advocates the protection of all existing wooded areas visible from the estuary , and the natural characteristics of North and South Sands Valleys.

The Neighbourhood Plan also places great emphasis on maintaining Wildlife Corridors.
Protected woodland allows wildlife to flourish , and in this instance the implementation of TPO 975 would significantly facilitate the sustainability and migration of the abundant wildlife residing in the Moult Hill Woodland .

Any future cumulative erosion , resulting in the loss of any of this long established beautiful woodland would be a betrayal of generations to come and their enablement to enjoy this area of precious amenity .

The South Hams Society are pleased to support TPO 975 as served.

Mike Richards. For and on behalf of the South Hams Society.


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