South Devon AONB Partnership Committee Members Remote video meeting etiquette

Partnership Committee members are encouraged to join the meeting promptly. It is suggested to join at least ten minutes before the scheduled start time to resolve any issues with joining and to avoid disrupting the meeting.

The Chair will remind all participants of the importance of

  • – Muting microphones when not speaking – it stops everyone hearing what is happening in the background which with larger groups will be problematic.
  • – Remaining focussed on the topic being considered
  • – Not repeating points that have already been made
  • – Keeping points short
  • – Avoiding interruption / cutting across
  • – Waiting until the Chair calls on you to speak
  • – Being clear on proposals being put forward

The Chair will also inform Members:

  • – To remember that note taking is more problematic as it is harder than normal to identify who is speaking / what is being said, so please speak clearly and at a reasonable pace.
  • – That the notetaker may need to interrupt to get clarity on what is being said for the record.


  • At the start of the meeting, the Chair will carry out a roll call of Partnership Committee members. Unmute microphone (and switch video on if necessary) before confirming you are present.
  • Any Committee member returning after a disconnection is asked not to interrupt to announce their return.
  • For each item the Chair will invite the relevant lead to introduce the matter / report.
  • The Chair will invite any questions and/or debate at the appropriate time.
    • If you wish to speak please indicate this by clicking on the “raise your hand icon” at any time.
    • If you wish to participate by typing a comment, please use the “chat” facility at any time.
    • The meeting notetaker will lower the “raised hand icon” once the Chair has invited you to speak.
    • If your point has been covered and you no longer need to speak, please lower your “raised hand icon”.
    • If your point has been covered and your comment no longer needs to be addressed, please indicate this via the “chat” facility.
    • If your question or comment is referencing a report or item contained in the meeting papers, mention the page number and item reference so all Committee members have a clear understanding of what is being discussed.


  • The agenda and meeting papers will continue to be published on the South Devon AONB website and will also be circulated by email to Partnership committee members. Printed copies will not be routinely circulated. As the AONB staff unit are working from home, Partnership Committee members requiring printed papers are asked to provide at least one weeks notice in advance of the meeting.
  • The South Devon AONB website will show the meeting is being held via remote video conference.

Dealing with technical difficulties

  • In the event the quality of the meeting deteriorates, the Chair may request all participants switch video off in addition to muting when not speaking.
  • In the event the Chair, the AONB Manager or notetaker identifies a failure of the remote meeting, the Chair will declare an adjournment while the fault is addressed.
  • If it is not possible to address the fault and the meeting becomes inquorate, the meeting will be abandoned until such time as it can be reconvened.
  • If the meeting is quorate, the Chair will decide if this meeting should continue, depending on the difficulties being experienced, or whether it should be adjourned until a later time or date.


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