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Jan 20, 2020 | Planning

Most of our members know that South Hams District Council owns a piece of land at Ropewalk in Kingsbridge that is currently derelict.  The building on it is unused and in a poor state of repair. The Council would like to use this land for the benefit of Kingsbridge and the South Hams.  In line with the policies of our commercial strategy, we want to use this site for a development to create jobs, provide homes, bring business to town, improve tourism and make some money to help the Council pay for services.

South Hams District Council want to ask residents, businesses and the surrounding communities to read the proposal and the visual impact assessment, then complete a short survey to tell them your thoughts.



Here are the details of the visual assessment



Consultation on the Ropewalk Site, Kingsbridge

History of the Site

Ropewalk Resource Centre was purchased by South Hams District Council (SHDC) from Devon County Council on the open market in early 2016, so that it could develop it, which it intends to do.

The site was part of a development allocation in the local plan called “K2” (which is now adopted Joint Local Plan (JLP) policy TTV10) for employment and housing.

SHDC originally promoted a scheme to deliver all of the aims of the allocation, with a large scale housing development, with some employment/retail that included this site and the Quay Car Park.  The response to the public consultation run by the Council revealed that protection of car parking spaces was really important to the Town and there was a concern that any retail activity on the quayside would detract from the high street offer.  The scale of change was also a real concern.

The outcome of the previous “K2” consultation has informed the current proposal and as a result the new proposal is on a smaller scale, focussed on housing, employment and tourism to support and enhance the high street and town centre economy, with no development on the quayside car park.

What will it look like?

It is too early to tell, given the stage the development is at.  Clearly, housing would look different to a hotel.  The visual assessments should help you form an opinion.

What about the impact on existing holiday accommodation if a Hotel is developed?

Whilst there are no hotels in Kingsbridge, there are a number of Airbnbs and B&Bs.  Depending on the type of hotel and which part of the market it sourced its guests from, it is probable that a new hotel would have an impact on other accommodation providers, although clearly this would be limited given that there isn’t currently a hotel in the town.

In the case of housing, it would seem less likely to cause an impact, but of course, it is possible that open market housing could be purchased and subsequently used as an Airbnb property.

What are the next steps?

An independent Devon-based research agency, Marketing Means, will collate the responses and feedback from this survey.  South Hams District Council and Kingsbridge Town Council will review these together before presenting the results to a public meeting later in 2020.  SHDC will then consider the results, together with feedback from the Town Council and the public meeting, before deciding what to proceed with.  This would then lead to a planning application.


For details of the visual assessment please access the web link below:




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