Ropewalk Hotel Development Proposal – Update

79 Bedroom Hotel to be Built on ‘The Ropewalk’ – Council land at Kingsbridge Quayside

Kingsbridge Town Council Meeting on Tuesday 11th June, 7pm at Quay House

Progress in this controversial major development proposal will be discussed at the Kingsbridge Town Council Meeting next Tuesday 11th June. Chris Brook, South Hams District Council – Assets, will update Town Council Members about progress. There will an opportunity for those who attend to learn more about the Council’s plans for the Ropewalk Development and the chance to ask questions. 

It is already clear from the press and previous meetings that there are a range of community views about the development. Many see the need for, and the benefit, of new hotel rooms in the town, especially following the closure of the Kings Arms. Done well, such a project would be an asset to the area and create jobs and income.  You can read the District Council’s view about the plans here

The Adopted Joint Local Plan Policy for The Quayside development can be read here.

At the same time, people have expressed their concerns about the visual impact of the hotel – how many storeys will it be? – what will ‘budget’ mean for the building’s outward appearance? – will it be a quality build that enhances its setting? and so on.

Many are also concerned that the District Council, with limited business expertise, proposes to design and develop the site itself so as to maximise the profit from the venture before leasing the development to a Hotel chain. Can we be sure that the project is economically viable? There is a history of failed hotels in Kingsbridge which needs to be taken into consideration. 

If you care about Kingsbridge and the beautiful South Hams and want to know more about this important Council proposal, then please review the published ‘Master Plan’ and attend the Kingsbridge Town Council meeting next Tuesday.

TTV10 – The Quayside

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan is now Adopted.

Land at The Quayside is allocated for mixed-use re-development, including employment, commercial, residential and community uses.  Provision is made for in the order of 60 new homes and 200 sq.m. of employment floorspace (Use Classes B1).  Development should provide for the following:

  1. Delivery in accordance with a masterplan for the site that should be prepared and consulted upon in advance of the consideration of any planning application. 
  2. A high quality design for this estuary gateway site which conserves and enhances the natural beauty of the South Devon AONB and provides for enhanced public realm and better connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists to the town centre and estuary.  
  3. Retention of of public car parking to a level sufficient to support the town’s shopping and tourism roles, and which is appropriately located to those roles and sensitively incorporated into the design of new development ensuring that car parking does not dominate the street scene.  
  4. Appropriate flood risk mitigation measures. 
  5. A site wide Sustainable Drainage Strategy to ensure that drainage requirements can be met on site without exacerbating water quality issues within the Salcombe to Kingsbridge SSSI and are designed to deliver landscape, biodiversity and amenity benefits. 
  6. Sufficient space to allow the retention of a tree canopy within and surrounding the site to conserve the green character of Kingsbridge in this area.
  7. Investigation and remediation of contaminated land.


The South Hams Society – Protecting and Enhancing the South Hams 



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