Dear Mr Osinsky,

Planning Application No. 3419/17/FUL Park House, Baptist Lane, Salcombe, TQ8 8BJ The South Hams Society recommend refusal for this application. The proposed new development is a huge clumpy and overbearing house set in a tiny piece of land in the heart of Salcombe. The plans show the new build right comes right up to the pavement onto Devon Road, unlike the surrounding area where there are hedges greenery and the houses are set back from the road. It has a similarly overbearing effect on Baptist Lane, effectivly blocking all light from the lane which is shaded by trees on the Courtney Park side. The Design and access statement claims the building would be effectivly screened from the park but the trees will not remain there forever. When they die this huge building will loom like a tower block above the park. There would be a loss of privacy and light to the residents of Glenthorne, boxing them in. Some balconies will look directly into windows not many feet away. We are sceptical about parking. Baptist lane is not a road. It is an access to the now deconsecrated Baptist Church and a cul de sac, used mainly as a foot path into the town. Any manouvering in or out of the parking spaces would be risky to pedestrians who also have rights. Two spaces seems hardly adequate for such a huge build. There will be a loss of public view from Allenhays Road. Therefore the South Hams Society recommend refusal for a house of this scale in a Conservation Area which would impact to the detrement of pedestrians and residents. It is aesthetically overbearing and does nothing to preserve and enhance the area. Parking is inadequate . There is insufficient amenity space. Howeverthe South Hams Society would have no objection to a modest build in keeping with the Conservation Area and making good use of a Brown Field Site. Yours sincerely Vivien Napper Chair of the Planning committee South Hams Society


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