Protecting and Enhancing the Natural Beauty and Heritage of the South Hams


The South Hams Society Is a registered charity (No. 263985) .  Our objectives are to stimulate interest and care for the beauty, history and character of the South Hams. We work to secure the protection and improvement of the landscape, features of historic interest and public amenity and to promote the conservation of the South Hams as a living and working environment. We encourage high standards of planning and architecture that respect the character of the area. We take the protection of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) very seriously and work hard to increase people’s knowledge and appreciation of our precious environment. We support the right development – in the right places – and strenuously oppose inappropriate development. The Society supports the seven ‘Nolan Principles in Public Life’ and expects everyone involved with planning, from applicants to decision takers, to undertake their work in accordance with them. The Society and it’s members aim to meet the same standards.


Covid -19 – Safety and Social Distancing

Thank you for visiting the South Hams Society Web site.  As part of our arrangements to comply with the Government’s instructions, we have postponed our Events program until further notice.  We will review the situation when the Covid-19 emergency measures are relaxed.

 In the meantime, we will continue to post ‘Calls to action’ for urgent planning cases where we believe the proposed development would cause harm to the South Hams landscape and beauty. These calls will be for action which you can take safely online.

Meanwhile, if you are out exercising on any of our lovely beaches, do please take a bag for and collect what litter you can.  Informal beach cleans can continue!  Stay safe and healthy and let’s help others do that too.


Latest Articles …     

The Blanksmill Creek Proposed Development – Update March 2020

  There is almost unanimous community opposition to the proposal to build a barn at the head of the iconic and unspoiled Blanksmill Creek (SHDC Planning file: The Planning Officer will soon publish her report and the Planners and the Development Management Committee Members...

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SHDC announcement – COVID-19

We don’t need to tell you that the Country is currently in the middle of a massive public health and economic crisis, the like of which has not been seen in peacetime in modern times. We both want to assure you that South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council are doing everything they can to help you, your family, your friends and...

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Perceptions of landscape value.. Have your say!

An invitation to take part in a national survey.. As part of a wider project on pollinators, the NFU has been working with the University of Huddersfield to develop an online survey into how farmers and the wider public value the way the countryside looks and how it affects what they do out in those landscapes. With Brexit on the horizon there...

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    INSPIRATIONAL FARMING AT CHALLONS COMBE – Reporting back from the SHS first Farm Briefing of 2020. Worries about climate change, and a desire to increase the biodiversity of, not only the world but also our own backyards, has led to the huge popularity of Isabella Tree’s book Wilding. I was first introduced to the...

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Protecting and Promoting Devon’s World Class Hedges

Devon’s hedges are world class! They are of great historical importance, define the county’s beautiful farmed landscapes, and support an immense amount of wildlife. The Devon Hedge Group helps people to appreciate and understand this. Our aim is to ensure that Devon’s amazing hedges remain intact and healthy for future generations to enjoy. Read...

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Defra confirms reductions in support for farmers

Defra confirms reductions in support for farmers © Tim Scrivener Farmers Weekly Basic Payments will be reduced by 5-25% next year for farmers in England, the government has confirmed.   Farmers who receive up to £30,000 will see their payment reduced by 5%, with further reductions for payments falling in bands above that amount (see table...

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  VIEWING Of NEW PLANS FOR 62 HOMES ABOVE CHILLINGTON   A new application has been made by Acorn and the paper plans can be seen at CHILLINGTON HALL on Sunday 1 st MARCH – 2pm to 6pm   The drainage plan can potentially carry surface water from 44 of the properties and most of the roadways off the site, into existing and/or new pipework to...

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  WOODLAND FELLING AT SEYMOUR DRIVE – A NATIONAL SCANDAL AND AN URGENT APPEAL FOR EVIDENCE Our members, and the local communities in the South Hams and around the country, were shocked when a hill above the picturesque town of Dartmouth was, without notice, stripped of its tree cover. In the current climate crisis and the South Hams District...

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Home truths: how climate change is impacting UK homes

There is no question that living in a low-carbon home is better for our health, the planet and our energy bills. The Climate Coalition has today published its report ‘Home truths: how climate change is impacting UK homes’, looking at the impacts of climate change on UK homes and the heightened risk of flooding, heatwaves and extreme...

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South Hams Society – 59TH AGM

Due to social distancing rules, this year’s AGM will be held online via Zoom.
Thursday 30th July 2020 at 5pm.
The virtual meeting room will open at 4.45pm to help deal with any technical issues.

All members will receive the AGM papers either by e-mail or post by the end of June.
All are encouraged to take part. We hope to see you there!

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Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are Britain’s best landscapes. There are 46 of them, all designated by government and protected by law. Each one has its own special character. The South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty was designated by government in 1960. It covers 60 glorious miles of coastline, estuaries and countryside between Plymouth and Torbay. The AONB is one of a family of protected landscapes in the UK. With the guidance of a Partnership Committee, the AONB Team work to enhance South Devon’s outstanding beauty, for which the designation was applied. The special features of South Devon AONB include its rugged coastline, sandy beaches, secretive estuaries, patchwork countryside and historic villages – to name but a few! 

PROTECTING TREES AND WOODS – THE SOUTH HAMS GUIDE Trees, hedges and woodland are an integral part of Devon’s countryside and towns, and they provide multiple benefits to society, including filtering air pollution, reducing surface water runoff /contributing to sustainable drainage, providing wildlife habitats, improving water quality and the stabilising of soils and slopes. Devon’s hedges are particularly special. They are of great historical importance, define the county’s beautiful farmed landscapes, and support an immense amount of wildlife.

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