No more developments which could make flooding worse! New Frogmore Objection

Nov 14, 2019 | Planning

For the last ten days the South Hams has been battered by heavy rains which have caused flooding on numerous roads and damage to houses. The A379 was blocked between East Charleton and Frogmore after what Police described as a “large landslip”.

Despite this, development proposals with inadequate drainage and surface water management plans keep rolling in. First we had the inadequate drainage plans for the 64 new houses to be built at Chillington (ref: 3193/18/ARM) – which thankfully SHDC has now refused.  Next there was an application for a Cafe with considerable hard surfacing and 20 car park spaces in the Perraton field at Frogmore (ref: 0869/19/FUL).

Again there was a dire lack of detail about how drainage, surface water and any associated flood risk would be dealt with. SHS has now submitted an Objection to the Frogmore plans on these grounds. See objection here.

Our climate has changed and so should our attitude to what we build and where. Please keep your eyes open for planning proposals which threaten to put our landscape and built environment at even further risk of flooding and do let us know about them.  Contact us here.

Facebook video by Rob McMahon here.




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