Planning Application Ref: 2479/18/FUL
Applicant Name: Mr Andrew Pink ERC Developments LTD
Description: Full Planning Permission for the development of commercial/business premises.
Address: Land off Nellie’s Wood View Nellie’s Wood View Dartington Totnes TQ9 6FP Application Date: 01 August 2018
Officer Name: Kate Cantwell Target Determination Date: 31 October 2018
Agent Name: Mr Rud Sawers Rud Sawers Architects Ltd
Comments Due By: 05 October 2018

Dear Kate Cantwell

Letter of Objection from The South Hams Society

The South Hams Society interest

For the last 50 years, the South Hams Society has been stimulating public interest and care for the beauty, history and character of the South Hams. We encourage high standards of planning and architecture that respect the character of the South Hams. We aim to secure the protection and improvement of the landscape, features of historic interest and public amenity, and to promote the conservation of the South Hams as a living, working environment. We work hard to increase people’s knowledge and appreciation of our precious environment, and we support the right developments – in the right places.

We are opposed to this application

 On behalf of our members, we object most strongly to the application. We believe this is an inappropriately designed commercial development. For the material planning reasons listed in this letter, we ask the Council to refuse the application.

We note that you have received many Letters of Objection from local residents who have highlighted a number of material planning concerns. We support their concerns but will not repeat all the points they have raised in their objections. We do however wish to add our objections to those raised about the proposed development’s design and the use of reconditioned shipping containers.

Both the National Planning Policy Framework and South Hams Core Strategy attach: ”great importance to the design of the built environment. Good design is a key aspect of sustainable development, is indivisible from good planning, and should contribute to making places better for people. It is important to plan positively for the achievement of high quality and inclusive design for all development, including individual buildings, public and private spaces and wider area development schemes.”

South Hams District Council Policy (CS7 Design) requires: “development proposals to promote good design, which respects local distinctiveness and the character of the site and its surroundings.”

South Hams Development Policies DPD (2010)  Policy DPI  (High-Quality Design echoes Strategy Policy CS7,  that all development:  “should display high-quality design which, in particular, respects and responds to the South Hams character, in terms of its settlements and landscape.”

Policy DP2 (Landscape character) states that proposals:  “will need to demonstrate how they conserve and/or enhance the South Hams landscape character.”

We firmly believe that the proposed development fails to meet the requirements of these policies. The proposed development will not: “contribute to making the place better for people.” Nor would it be an:  “inclusive high-quality design”. We do not believe that the applicant’s proposals represent: “good design” or that it “respects the local distinctiveness and the character of the site or its surroundings.” Nor would it: “conserve and/or enhance the South Hams Landscape character.”

Therefore, we object to this development application and ask the Council to refuse the application.

Ian Bryan

For and on behalf of the South Hams Society

Replies to:

Ray Long


The South Hams Society

1 Croft Road,






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