Application Ref : 0201/19/FUL

Land at SX 738 387
Lower Rockledge , Devon Road , Salcombe.

South Hams Society Response to Revised Application Form of 16/04/2019 .

I write on behalf of the South Hams Society to take issue with the Revised Application Form 16/04/2019 .
Specifically 6 . EXISTING USE ; please describe the current use of the site :

This answer is factually ambiguous and misleading.
The Woodland Order TPO 676 W1 is extant on the proposed development site , and the SHDC Tree Officer states in the Internal Consultation Response 11/03/2019 that this Order was confirmed in 2004 without modification and protects trees of all species.
The Officer further states ; “ during the site visit I noted recently cut stumps of sprouting vegetation , potentially forming part of the TPO “ .
In addition the Salcombe Parish Response 22/02/2019 confirms the tree clearance and states ; “ the site itself was subject to a Woodland Order but it was noted that several trees had already been removed “ .

Clearance of trees prior to the application for development being submitted , clearly breaches the terms of the TPO and this should present a compelling reason for not only refusing this application , but also for referral to SHDC Enforcement .

The South Hams Society respectfully request that the development proposal is refused , and that the natural function of the TPO is resumed .

Mike Richards ( for and on behalf of the South Hams Society )


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