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Jun 17, 2020 | Trees

Do you remember the devastated woodland just outside Dartmouth? Residents of Seymour Drive have been in touch with the Society to update us:

“Anthony Mangnall MP has taken an interest in the happenings on the land to the North of Seymour Drive.  He has been in touch to say….

The Crown Prosecution Service have decided that whilst the evidence illustrates that it appears an offence has been committed; it is not in the public interest to seek prosecution for this particular case.

  • In light of this decision, the Forestry Commission will be using other enforcement powers available, by serving a Restocking Notice, which requires the individual(s) concerned to restock the land with trees by 30th June 2021.
  • The Forestry Commission can serve a person responsible for the felling with a Restocking Notice, requiring them to restock the land with a defined number of trees by a certain date. The Notice also requires the trees to be protected and maintained for 10 years.

This was followed up and confirmed by an email from the Forestry Commission.”

The Society is extremely disappointed with the CPS decision not to prosecute – “in the public interest”?  Surely it is absolutely in the public interest that developers realise that breaking the law and destroying woods will hit them in the pocket?  Simply re-stocking the illegally felled trees is not enough. However if this is the only sanction on offer, we must make sure that it happens.

We will keep you posted


Seymour Drive before the felling

Seymour Drive before the felling

Seymour Drive after the felling

Seymour Drive after the felling



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