South Hams District Council, following advice from their professional planning officers, and objections from the Parish Council, local residents and the South Hams Society, have refused to grant ‘retrospective’ planning permission for the works undertaken by the applicant in 2016. A skateboard park, tennis court and storage building were completed without planning permission being obtained.

The reasons for refusal are:

Impact upon AONB/Landscape. The development represents an unwelcome and incongruous intrusion into an undeveloped countryside location that is within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and undeveloped coast, introducing inappropriate built form within this highly sensitive rural and estuary location and resulting in significant adverse impacts to the natural beauty, special qualities, distinctive character, landscape and scenic beauty of the South Devon AONB.

It fails to conserve and enhance the natural beauty and special qualities of the South Devon AONB and conflicts with the aims and objectives of policies DEV23 (Landscape character), DEV24 (Undeveloped coast and Heritage Coast) and DEV25 (Nationally protected landscapes) of the adopted JLP and is contrary to the guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework including, but not limited to, paragraphs 170 and 172.

The Council has passed the issue to their  Enforcement Team to commence formal enforcement action and serve notice with regards to returning the land to its former condition (in accordance with details to be agreed with the LPA), including removal of the building and engineering operations undertaken to provide a tennis court and skate ramp facility.

Read the Officers Report

South Hams Society Letter Of Representation

West Alvington Parish Council Letter Of Representation

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