“The development represents an unwelcome and incongruous intrusion into an undeveloped countryside location that is within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Undeveloped Coast, introducing inappropriate built form within this highly sensitive rural estuary location, resulting in significant adverse impacts to the natural beauty, special qualities, distinctive character, landscape and scenic beauty of the South Devon AONB.” From the Officer’s report

For those of us that value the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and wish to see it protected, news that South Hams District Council has refused this second Retrospective planning application at Gerston Point was extremely welcome.

The unlawful building next to the estuary, itself a Site of Special Scientific Interest, of a full sized tennis court, skatepark and outsize garage should not be ignored and we are now hopeful that it won’t be.

Council Leader Judy Pearce’s own comment below the Officer’s findings was – ‘Happy to agree delegated refusal. Agree to commence enforcement action’.

Having followed the case from the start, the South Hams Society submitted a detailed Letter of Representation (Objection) back in April this year.

We were pleased to see many of our points echoed in the Planning Officer’s Report and await the promised enforcement action to restore the setting’s former natural beauty.


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