Flood risk fears  for Chillington –   concerned resident, Alyson Cadd gives  an update …

This is to make you aware that the current application for the building development in Chillington (ref 0265/20/ARM) is now set to be heard at a virtual meeting of the SHDC Development Management Committee (DMC) next Wednesday 7th October. This proposal has the potential to affect large areas of the village and surrounding areas due to its surface water drainage scheme being designed to discharge water down through or around the village pipework and watercourses – some of which already flood.

Members of the public can view the meeting live online. Follow this link: www.engagement.southhams.gov.uk/ which will take you to the YouTube viewing process.

The crucial Officer’s Report is also now viewable on the SHDC Planning Portal

here: http://apps.southhams.gov.uk/Planning…/Home/Details/200265

As you will see the Officer, Cheryl Stansbury, has recommended Conditional Approval for the scheme. This is disappointing but not unexpected.

This large development of 62 homes has become more important to all of Chillington (and the surrounding areas) as the current proposed system varies significantly from the scheme outlined at OPA in that it now discharges the majority of surface water off-site, via one of 4 as yet undecided routes. This takes a considerable amount of water much lower down the drainage system, which flies in the face of all SuDS principles and even DCC’s own guidance.

In fact the scheme at OPA was an almost entirely onsite infiltration system, with most properties having their own private soakaways on their land. That scheme was stipulated in Condition 19 of the OPA Decision Notice and even the surface water drainage scheme drawing was specified in that condition. The drainage was clearly a source of concern and the DMC members and officers felt it important enough to ensure the same principles of on-site infiltration/soak aways was followed as a condition of approving the overall proposals.

Our question now is, how can DCC (LLFA) and SHDC planning team now disregard that condition and allow the developer to substitute another scheme that is not only far removed from the original on-site infiltration system, it now has the potential to create additional flooding as it carries water through and around the lower lying village. We are told planning conditions are ‘not cast in stone’ – in which case the DMC members may need to be wary that schemes they cautiously and conditionally approve can change in a radical way – without their agreement or consultation.

A dangerous precedent for any planning authority to set!

Finally, the appeal on the previous application has still not moved forward and as far as I know has not yet even had an Inspector allocated to hear it.

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