“Early warning of fundamental problems”

A South Hams District Council policy paper about complaints notes:

“Studies have shown that an organisation that truly welcomes, values and uses complaints to inspire and guide improvement will be more successful than one that does not.”

The policy goes on to say “An effective complaint management system is an essential part of providing a quality service. It shows that we are responsive to service users, that we take their concerns seriously, that we welcome their feedback on services and are willing to use the information gained to continually improve service delivery. The benefit to our customers should ultimately be improved services and increased satisfaction with those services.
Having an effective process for managing complaints not only benefits the complainant, it can have real benefits for the organisation:

 It provides free feedback on service delivery
 It identifies areas needing improvement
 It presents an early chance to put things right
 It strengthens public support for the organisation.

“Complaints often provide an early warning of more fundamental problems in service design and delivery. If the evidence from complaints is made readily available to the decision-makers in an organisation, it gives them an opportunity to make improvements before problems escalate”.




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