CALL TO ACTION.  Plans for a ‘barn’ at the ruined Ilton Copse site overlooking the estuary

You may remember that this is the lovely wooded area where an unscrupulous landowner cut down many mature trees this spring during lockdown. The Society complained, as did others, and SHDC promised enforcement action.

Now the same landowner has applied for permission to build a large ‘general purpose agricultural building’ next to the ruined copse.  A few objections have appeared on the SHDC planning portal, including a strongly worded one from the Parish Council, but it would be good to see more

The Society will respond but we are asking members and anyone who opposes the damage done to this lovely area to register their views on this landowner’s plan for a ‘barn’. Rural vandalism should not be rewarded with planning consent for an unnecessary building.

Please make time to comment via:

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