Application 3010/18/FUL: Land adjacent to Fairhaven , Sandhills Road , Salcombe.

Application 3010/18/FUL

Land adjacent to Fairhaven , Sandhills Road , Salcombe.

Applicant : Mrs C Cottle .


The South Hams Society interest .
For the last 50 years , the South Hams Society ( SHS ) has been stimulating public interest and care for the beauty , history and character of the South Hams .
We encourage high standards of Planning and architecture that respect the character of the area .
We aim to secure the protection and improvement of the landscape , features of historic interest and public amenity , and to promote the conservation of the South Hams as a living , working environment.
We take the South Devon AONB very seriously and work hard to increase people’s knowledge and appreciation of our precious environment .
We support the right development – in the right places – and strenuously oppose inappropriate development , as we believe to be the case with this application.

On behalf of the SHS members , we wish to place our objection to the application.
We note that the land adjacent to Fairhaven has a long history of Planning applications, and that all have been refused.
The current application 3010/18/FUL erection of a single dwelling , is the third submission from the applicant , the previous two being refused on 25/11/ 2011 and 29/03/2013 .
The applicant appealed the latter , and subsequently the appeal was dismissed by the Planning Inspector on 04/03/2014 .
The SHS are of the opinion that the Inspectors reasons for dismissal were compellingly justified , and that all of those reasons still apply when assessing the current application .

The SHS considers that the main issue appertaining to the proposed new development is the visually impactful effect on the character and appearance of the area , including the natural beauty of the AONB , and the setting of the woodland.
We also feel that the application conflicts with ;
Saved Policy KP11  from the South Hams Local Plan ,
Policy CS9 from the Councils Core Strategy ,
Policy DP2 Policies DPD .

The site of the proposed development is covered by Woodland Order W 1 , and the entire area has a great number of mixed species mature and semi mature trees that greatly enhance the landscape character .
The SHS firmly believe that development would adversely compromise and erode the landscape character , and fail to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the locality.
We are also concerned that if permitted , this would create a precedent for similar development which would cumulatively urbanise this leafy location .

The woodland areas of Salcombe are a priceless asset , especially when viewed from the estuary and harbour , and the importance of their setting in the AONB is implicitly endorsed in the emerging Salcombe Neighbourhood Development Plan .
Policy SALC env 1 :  all future development must have due regard of its impact on AONB , undeveloped coast and heritage coast .
Policy env 2 ( c ) :  protection of locally distinctive natural features , including protection of mature trees beyond that afforded by a TPO .
Policy env 7 :  maintaining character , density and green infrastructure .
Policy env 5 :existing wooded areas from the ridge line to the waters edge must be retained.

For all of the reasons stated , the SHS respectfully ask that you refuse this application .

Mike Richards   For and on behalf of the South Hams Society .


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