Application : 2107/18/OPA

Millbay Cottage , East Portlemouth, TQ8 8PU .

Applicant:  Mr and Mrs Brettel .


The South Hams Society interest.
For the last 50 years , the South Hams Society has been stimulating public interest and care for the beauty , history and character of the South Hams .
We encourage high standards of Planning and architecture that respect the character of the area .  We aim to secure the protection and improvement of the landscape, features of historic interest and public amenity, and to promote the conservation of the South Hams as a living , working environment.
We take the South Devon AONB very seriously, and work hard to increase people’s knowledge and appreciation of our precious environment.
We support the right development- in the right places – and strenuously oppose inappropriate development , as we believe to be the case with this application.

I write on behalf of the South Hams Society SHS members , to place on record our objection to this highly contentious application.
The proposal to demolish the existing boathouse/ flat which is located some distance away from the footprint of the proposed new replacement dwelling , is contrary to Policy TTV32 – Residential extensions and replacement dwellings in the Countryside.
The SHS note that the Planning Officers formal advice in December 2017 states that the key issues appertaining to this application were ;
a) whether a replacement dwelling can be located some distance from the dwelling it is replacing .
b) impact on the AONB .
c) acceptability of size and design.
 The Officers conclusion after assessing these issues was that the proposal would not meet the requirements of Policy DP17 ( relating to replacement dwellings) .
The Planning Officer raised further concerns about the impact of development on a site that lies within the South Devon AONB.
Policy CS9 in the South Hams Core Strategy, and National guidance in the NPPF states that the Designation should be given Great Weight in decision making .
Reference is made to the important views of the wooded slopes , especially from the estuary and Salcombe, and the Officers comment that the proposed development would be a significant intrusion in the landscape, is compelling.

The SHS implicitly support guidelines that set out to protect and sensitively interpret the coastlines outstanding geological features and raise awareness of the dynamic nature of the coast .
This further includes protection of the undeveloped coastal plateau , avoiding the siting of new development and vertical structures on prominent skylines immediately above or along the coastline , which would be highly visible accross this landscape and further inland .

The SHS are also deeply concerned that the proposed development, on a site which is protected by LNR and SSSI Designations , will adversely affect the surrounding habitat , which in all likelihood contains a great number of protected wildlife.
Undeveloped connectivity on the upper Millbay slopes is essential to the migration and sustainability of birds , bats , amphibians and reptiles.

This application fails to comply with Policies outlined in the Plymouth and South West Devon JLP ;
TTV31  Development in the Countryside.
TTV32  Residential extensions and replacement dwellings in the Countryside.
DEV20  Place shaping and the quality of the built environment.
DEV24  Landscape character.
DEV27 Nationally protected landscapes.

The sparsely developed , wooded slopes above Millbay present a unique setting of stunning visual amenity which must be protected for the enjoyment of future generations.
This proposed development clearly fails to comply with National and Local Planning guidelines , and the SHS respectfully ask that you refuse this application.

Mike Richards –  for and on behalf of the SHS .


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