Guidance – Managing Ash Trees – Arboricultural Association


This guide provides practical advice and guidance for anyone who owns or manages ash trees, as well as tree contractors and consultants who may be employed to work on ash trees or provide site specific advice concerning their management. It directs people to where they can find more detailed information and relates to a wide range of sites where ash trees grow, including gardens, highways, open spaces, parks, woodlands and on development sites. Liabilities can arise if trees and branches fall. This guide is not intended to substitute the site specific advice or guidance that can be provided by a suitably qualified and experienced tree contractor or consultant.

The Arboricultural Association maintains a list of Registered Consultants and Approved Contractors who can offer advice and guidance to tree owners and managers and undertake tree pruning and felling work. Please contact the Arboricultural Association if you need help selecting an appropriate specialist. Details can be found at The evidence informing guidance for ash dieback is under constant review; this guidance will change accordingly to provide current advice. Please check the Help and Advice section of the Arboricultural Association website  for the full Guide



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