The SHS objection was lodged 26/11/2018 and this decision was a long time coming .
The principal reasons given for refusal broadly reflect the concerns that were raised by SHS .
The proposed dwelling would be harmful to the character of the area and appearance of the landscape which is designated as AONB.
The proposed built development as a result of it’s form , scale and footprint would increase the density of development.
This would harmfully alter the undeveloped nature of the mature gardens and woodland , and detract from the recognised low density character of the area contrary to saved Policy KP 11 of the South Hams Local Plan and CS 9 of the Core Strategy and DP 2 and DP 5 of Development Policies DPD .
The proposal further conflicted with policies in the Emerging Plymouth and South West Joint Local Plan and paras 170 , 172 and 175 of the NPPF .

In reaching this decision , the Case Officer has clearly afforded considerable weight to the comments and recommendations of the Tree Officer, and the Landscape Officer, and they are all worthy of commendation.


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