2902/18/TPO – Netherwood,  Bennett Road,  Salcombe.

Post by Mike Richards taken from Facebook:

2902/18/TPO      Netherwood ,  Bennett Road ,  Salcombe.
Applicant   Mr B Warburton.

The supporting information, tree condition report can be viewed in full on the South Hams and West Devon Planning Search .
I will allude to two statements which appear in the report submitted by Dart Tree Consultancy.
2.1  This is a preliminary report and the inspection has been carried out with the aid of binoculars from ground level using visual observation methods .
3.1  Tree safety management is a matter of limiting the risk of harm from tree failure , while maintaining the benefits conferred by trees .
Although it may seem counter intuitive, the condition of trees should not be the first consideration .  Instead  , tree managers should first take account of the usage of the land on which the trees stand , which in turn will inform the process of assessing the trees .

I note that this type of application for removal of mature TPO trees that are in proximity to multi million pounds developments is all too commonplace in Salcombe.   The application here to fell Beech T 166 on the grounds of decay at 3 metres, and a wound on the stem , needs to be verified by an independent arboricultural assessment.
T166 Beech is outside the boundary of the applicants property and is situated in Woodland Trust owned woodland which is known locally as the Plantation.
This woodland is currently leased to private Management, which unfortunately has resulted in detrimental practice of burning and chemical spraying .
Dart Tree Consultancy description of the Plantation as a ‘ neglected wooded area ‘ is incorrect because it is purposely being left to recover it’s natural woodland bloom which had been largely removed .
Salcombe’s emerging neighbourhood development plan identifies the Plantation as a protected local green space .
Policy SALC env 4 :  states that it is of ‘ special value ‘ .  ‘ Beauty , habitats and wildlife, and historic landscape must be retained ‘ .
Policy SALC env 2  :  ‘ awareness and management of wildlife corridors ‘ and ‘ protection of locally distinctive natural features , including protection of mature trees beyond protection of a TPO ‘ .
The Independent Govt lnspectors recently published advice note states that SHDC have been found not to be giving enough ‘ weight ‘ to the AONB when considering Planning matters , and the evidence of my own eyes suggests the same when applied to trees .
Much closer scrutiny and questioning the motive and validity of application 2902/18/TPO and others like it , is incumbent on all who care about our diminishing woodland amenity .


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