Case Officer: Lee Marshall Application Reference: 2902/18/TPO At:   Netherwood  Bennett Road Salcombe   TQ8 8JJ  For: T166 Beech: Fell, remove, main stem failure at 3m at point of wound  to north, towards dwelling to south; T1: English Oak – reduce main   western limb by 7 metres in line with boundary fence, overhanging    boundary towards proposed development; T165: Beech – No works.

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The South Hams Society, Raymond Long, Chairman, 1 Croft Road , Salcombe, TQ8 8DZ

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On behalf of the South Hams Society , we wish to OBJECT to the above application on the basis that the works being proposed to the tree will harm the Area of Outstanding Natural beauty and in particular the outstanding scenic view of the Salcombe estuary.

We note from the application that the tree does not belong to the applicant by sits on woodland owned and managed by the Woodland Trust in close proximity of the applicant’s property where we understand a development of the site is planned.  From the enquiries we have been able to make in the limited time available, it would appear that the apparent problem with the tree has yet to be communicated to the woodland trust.

We would specifically draw your attention to the limitation of scope set out in the report provided by DTC. In particular we find point 2.1 the most concerning in that the report is deemed to be a “preliminary report “ with the tree being inspected with the aid of binoculars from ground level. We also find it strange that no photographic evidence of the apparent damage to the tree has been provided.

We also disagree with the statement made by DTC that the area is “neglected woodland”

Raymond Long


The South Hams Society



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