Salcombe’s Woodland Protected

The South Hams Society is delighted that, following their objections, the District Council has re-protected the woods at Moult Hill.

The woods on Moult Hill Salcombe are highly visible in their spectacular estuary setting. The woodland forms a key part of the nationally valued South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is so important to Salcombe’s community and visitor economy. It is also a key feature of our highly protected Heritage Coast – and is within walking distance of one of the world famous Estuary’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The existing Tree Preservation Order was applied over sixty years ago, and the passage of time has recently raised serious questions as to whether all the trees in the wood were properly protected – as was originally intended.

The Council’s new Woodland Order will now ensure that all of the trees in the woods, regardless of age, will continue to thrive and enhance the appearance of the whole woodland – and protect natural seed germination and tree succession for the community to enjoy into the future.

The South Hams Society and its members believe the wider community should enjoy the ‘umbrella of protection’ afforded by the new preservation order in what is a very highly valued and environmentally sensitive location.

The woodland on Moult Hill is enjoyed by the local community and visitors – from many wonderful views within the Parish, the harbour, and especially from seaward. Very soon the new Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan will clearly advocate the protection and enhancement of all existing wooded areas that can be seen from the estuary, and from the surrounding countryside of North and South Sands Valleys.

The new Neighbourhood Plan will also place great emphasis on the importance of maintaining woodland Wildlife Corridors. It is protected woodlands, such as Moult Hill that ensures that our vital local wildlife flourishes. The renewed protection of the Tree Preservation Order will also make sure the wood continues to provide essential support for our important migrating birds.

The new protection also highlights the important part that trees, and their roots, play in securing and protecting the estuary bankside from erosion, and ensuring that Devon’s very special Ria ‘drowned valley’ landscapes are enjoyed by residents and visitors for generations to come.

The South Hams Society and it’s members are delighted that Moult Hill Woods are now protected by the new Tree Preservation Order

For more information about how you can protect trees and the South Hams please visit the South Hams Society web pages

TPO reference :  1046176 . Parish of Salcombe No. 975 Tree Preservation Order 2019  Moult Hill and Environs , Salcombe.

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