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Private development plan for 18 houses in the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty refused.

Members of the South Hams Society, a local charity which works to protect and enhance the natural beauty and heritage of South Devon, are delighted with the Planning Inspectors Decision, announced on the 13th June, that a controversial proposal to build on highly protected countryside overlooking the Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary, has finally been turned down.

The South Hams District Councillors and local planning Officers had emphatically opposed the developer’s proposals, as they did not conform to the districts plans and would have harmed the nationally protected, South Hams landscape.

Didi Alayli, Chair of the South Hams Society, welcomed the Inspectors decision, saying that the Society’s members and the local community, who had opposed the planning application, are delighted that the natural landscape, which underpins our vital South Hams tourist industry, is to be protected.

She also said, “We are very pleased that the Planning Inspector has agreed with the sound arguments put forward by ourselves and other respected organisations such as the South Devon AONB Unit. The proposals were not in line with the local plan or national planning policy. Too much of our unspoilt coast and countryside has already been ruined by inappropriate development. Now that the ‘Undeveloped Coast’ around the estuary has formal protection under the Joint Local Plan, we will be working to ensure that these protections are respected so that our unique Ria estuary landscape will be there for future generations to enjoy.”

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