South Hams Society recommend refusal for this application.


The South Hams Society wish to make the flowing comments on the proposals for the above site.

It is clear this application fails to follow the Planning Guidance for Development within the AONB as set on page 68 section 6.

Plan P1 Plan- making give  ‘great weight’   … while supporting small scale development that is appropriate to it’s setting, is in keeping with it’s character and meets the social and economic needs of the local community’

Plan P3 Planning protocol requires the local planning authority to consult with the AONB unit on planning policy.  I have no evidence that the AONB unit have as yet responded.  It would be imprudent to make any decision without this response.

Plan P5 To support development that is appropriate and proportionate to it’s location and supports the vitality of communities … K5 fails on both counts.

Lan P4  Tranquility.  What is proposed is a Major Settlement in an otherwise tranquil area.  This will include light polution, increased traffic, (each home having on average two cars per household).  It will impact on well used footpaths crossing the fields.

Lan 5 Skyline and visual intrusion.  From West Alvington the skyline will be clearly visible.

NatRes/P6 Energy I see no evidence to support reducing energy and carbon dioxide emessions, increased energy efficiency  –  solar panals or photovoltaic tiles or the use of woodfuel.

Decision makers are required to ask ‘Is the development in the AONB’?  Yes

Is it a Major Development for the purpose of NPPF para 116? Yes

Does this specific development need to be in an AONB location? No

NPPF 14” presumption in favour of sustainable development’ .  I don’t think sustainable has been clearly defined, but the K5 proposal is universaly unpopular. However, if a Rural Exception was applied for a small development for low cost or affordable housing that could be considered sustainable.

This application is an example of where the importance of the AONB has been blatantly disregarded we urge you to look at the JLP Inspectors letter EX15 and encourage the applicant to reconsider their proposals and give due consideration to the AONB designation.

The proposed development fails to provide dwellings of a size that will meet the local open market need for housing. This conflicts with South Hams Local Development Framework Policy DP11; Housing Mix and Tenure.

The proposal to segregate the affordable housing on to the lower site is in conflict with the South Hams Local Development Framework Supplementary Planning Document: Affordable Housing.

For these reasons we wish to register our objection.

Vivien Napper,

Vice Chair, South Hams Society


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